Growing up is Optional

Can you remember the time when you were a kid and living a carefree life, without a worry in the world? As I sit here and contemplate life – which I do a lot by the way – I often wonder what it’d be like if we carried those attributes along with us in adult life.  I mean sure, there are probably lots of people who are actually carefree and don’t let things bother them, but adulting eventually gets the better of us and we cave to some sort of pressure. Whether it be a family issue, something going wrong at work or a spat with a friend. We eventually lose the whimsical livelihood we thrived on as kids and take a step towards becoming older. And we can’t help but wonder if our youthful days are behind us.

I can honestly hear most, if not all of you reading this, rolling your eyes through the screen. I can just hear you say, “Taryn, you just have to let it go,” or “Taryn it’s definitely not that hard to be carefree when you’re an adult.” But let me tell you something: for me, it is. I’m an obsessive worrywart, who tends to overthink absolutely everything that happens in my day to day. Whether it be the weather suddenly ruining plans, or something I said and  find myself constantly looking back on it and thinking, did I really say it that way?  Even now, as I sit here typing this post out on a snowy winter day (which, by the way, ruined my plans), I’m wondering if I should even be writing this. I mean I know you’re already rolling your eyes at me, so you must be secretly judging me too right?

I mean, my logical side of the brain eventually kicks in but it’s not until hours, if not days of over worrying and wondering if I did the right or wrong thing in whatever situation. I’m not entirely sure if maybe that’s the reason I hold onto my love for Disney and Harry Potter as tight as an iron grip. The two things that I identified with in my childhood are really the only two things left I can associate with and love with full confidence. They’re the two things I can wholeheartedly say I don’t have any doubts or misconceptions about. If someone asks me about tips and tricks about heading to a Disney resort, I light up and can talk about it for hours. If someone asks me about the Harry Potter movies, I answer obligingly. I have no doubts in my mind that people understand my passion for those two things!

In any case, I’ve come to the conclusion that feeling like this is completely normal, and a little bit irrational. – let’s be honest. So after some overthinking and re-typing, I’ve decided to take a page from Mr. Walt Disney’s book and keep the whimsical part of my life the most prominent. With all the things I already worry about, why not keep the two most important things right beside me as I navigate this adult world?

“Growing old is mandatory,  but growing up is optional.” – Walt Disney


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