Love Trumps Hate: A Poem

I look at the world around me,
And wonder what it has become.
People are fighting, children are crying,
And a general unease has begun.

Hate seems to be a predominate word,
And all forms love looks to have disappeared.
We’ve all taken a step back from the progress we’ve made,
And gone way back in time.

Our ancestors would be shaking with anger,
And wondering what they could have done.
It’s hard not to be scared for humanity,
And what it has become.

There’s no way of knowing if we will survive,
And that’s a scary thought to most.
What we all need to remember, is love TRUMPS hate,
And that we all need to stick together in this hellish time and place.

Our world is OUR world,
And nobody should be denied.
We are all HUMAN in the end,
And it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside.




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