Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart


How does one express gratitude of something so monumental it’s hard to put into words? It’s been a few hours now and I’m still at a loss and unsure of how to express how thankful I am for everything that has just happened. I sincerely have some of the best friends and family a girl could ask for and I’m not entirely sure how I’ll ever be able to pay them back for their love and support. And after having a rather horrible week last week, I can honestly say this made up for everything.


I’m never one to expect anything. I’m always the one giving with the full intention of making people happy and seeing them smile. Never did I think the tables would be turned and definitely didn’t expect something like this would ever happen to me. We all know 2016 has been a rough year for everyone in the world and in my mind, my need for new hearing aids seemed minimal at best. There were just more important things going on that needed attention. I’m just a girl who – who may gripe here and there about not being able to afford them – was okay with what she had because others had a lot less.

Tonight I was not only surprised by my IPC family and friends with a cheque to help fund the purchase of new (desperately needed) hearing aids, I was also given the opportunity to work with Starkey Hearing Solutions to get the best products I need in order to be able to live life as normally possible. I will be able to finally have hearing aids again that will allow me to fully engage in conversations without turning my head, asking people to repeat themselves, or hearing something completely different than what they just said. And I honestly believe these new products will help boost my confidence, which has always been something I’ve struggled with ever since I was a kid and I first had to wear them.

So I say this: to all the people who donated, THANK YOU. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart. I cannot tell you how much this means to me. As I sit here and type this with tears in my eyes, my heart is overflowing. Sometimes you forget how many people actually have your back until moments like this arise. I work with some of the best people on the planet and I am forever thankful for your love and kindness. And to my friends who have always accepted me for who I am and looked past what I considered to be my disability and took me as I am.

But I have to say a special thanks to Alison Collins for organizing this and making it happen. You truly are the best and I appreciate everything you did from setting up the plan to the execution.

“Gratitude can turn common days into Thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into Blessings” – William Arthur Ward


(p.s. as if this couldn’t get any better, I found out today I passed my CIFC exam on the first try! 2016 is going to end on a sweet note!)


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