Cowboy in the Big Ol’ City

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*music plays softly in the background*

“Hey,” he said. I was sitting there alone, feeling defeated and a little pissed off. I’d been stood up again for the second time in a matter of three days, by two different guys. I was beginning to second guess this whole dating thing, being single was easier.

“Hey,” I said, squinting up at him. This mystery of a stranger was shrouded in shadows,  all the light somehow behind him. The only thing I could truly define was the sexiness of his deep voice. The low timbre and slow southern drawl had me shivering to the core. With just one word he had me in the palm of his hand.

“What’s a beautiful girl like you sitting all by yourself on a Saturday night?”

“I’d tell you but I was taught not to talk to strangers,” I said, smiling slightly. Even though I was a full grown adult, it was still the truth.

Suddenly he stepped into the light. His features suddenly sharpened as he became visible to me. Dressed casually in a v-neck tee, plaid shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots, the man was definitely out of his element in this uptown bar. The closest thing to the country he could get would be the horses trotting gracefully in Central Park. He had a head full of dark brown hair, disheveled from the windy day. The hair framed a chiseled face and sea green eyes. He was built, but from working on the farm, not working out in the gym; his muscles rippling nicely through the sleeves of his shirt. Made me wonder what was hiding beneath the rest.

I unknowingly started to nibble on the side of my lips.

“Completely Understandable. My name is Owen, Owen Jacobs. Now we’re not strangers.”

I was in awe. His straightforward way of talking was seriously getting to me. No guy has ever been this straight up with me. I was used to  words of persuasion, insisting it was the right thing to do by following him home. “Well Owen, I’ve just been stood up – again.”

“Mind if I sit down? Buy you a drink?” He asked, looking at the empty seat beside me. The fact that he asked and waited for my permission was just sexy. In this day and age, it was rare you found a pure gentleman.

“Sure, have a seat cowboy. What brings you to the big apple?”

We ended up talking for hours. We talked about anything and everything from world news and politics to books and movies. He was a world class fellow who kept my mind off all the troubles that had been plaguing my mind. His kind eyes didn’t look at me, they looked inside. He seemed genuinely interested in every word that came out of my mouth; even if it came out jumbled and misconstrued. Instead of criticizing, he continued the conversation on as if nothing even happened. In a matter of a few hours we knew each other’s hopes and dreams; failures and fears. In just a few hours I felt like I knew more about him than I knew about most of my “close” friends.

But then it had to end.

“Last call!” the bartender shouted. It was two am already?

I looked into Owen’s eyes, getting lost in the sincerity behind them. I didn’t want this magical moment to end.

“Listen, I’d love to see you again,” he said leaning towards me, whispering softly against my ear. I thought he was going to kiss me – and he knew it. “I was going to save the kiss for our official date.”

“See, you should have just taken my number and left it as is,” I replied shaking my head. I think I was doing it more to calm my nerves than to scold him.

“Why’s that?”

“Because I’m the type to overthink, and when I overthink I get nervous, and when I get nervous I start to think of worst case scenarios – ” I was suddenly interrupted when his lips crashed into mine. Quick at first, he slowed down, taking me all in. His lips were soft, sweet and very experienced. Gently caressing my face with his hands, his mouth explored my lips, before heading down to the crevice of my neck. The gentleness and patience he used was noticed as he continued his adventure. While I hesitated at first, surprised at the sudden invasion of senses all over my body, I soon dove in and started my own adventure. My arms left my side, hugging his wonderfully muscled torso. Sliding them from his steel-cut abs, I ran my hands lightly up and then down his back, finally landing on his very fine-tuned ass. Hesitating again, I decided to live a little and pulled him closer while squeezing his beautiful butt at the same time.

Breaking away, I managed to squeak out, “I thought you said you were going to wait?”

“I wanted to shut you up, you were thinking out loud,” he responded just as breathless. He grabbed my lips with his teeth and kissed me again, this time with more intensity. If I moved in any closer I’d be sitting on his lap. Instead I ran my fingers back up his spine and into his heavenly locks of hair. Grabbing it, I pulled him into me, kissing with just as much intensity. By this time we were both flushed and worked up and not having realized the lights had come on and everyone had left. Shit.

As much as I didn’t want to, I broke away once again.

“Oh crap, I think we’re the last ones here,” I said, giggling like a schoolgirl. “The staff must be super annoyed.”

“Nah, I think they’re okay,” he said nibbling on my earlobe. I looked around, realizing that there were in fact no staff to speak of. Interesting.


“I own the bar darling,” he said, chuckling at the dumbfounded look on my face. I’ve been to this bar countless times since I moved to New York last year and had never seen him before. “I’ve noticed you more often than not come in here by yourself and leave by yourself. It baffled me because you are one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen, and after talking to you one of the kindest.”

“Wow. YOU own this bar? Really?”

“What, can’t a cowboy make it in this big ol’ city?”

“That’s definitely not what I meant,” I stumbled, blushing. I just made myself look like a jackass.

Laughing again, he kissed my cheek. “I know what you meant sweetheart. The reason I came over tonight of all nights is because I noticed you were looking as lonely as I felt. I figured to lonely hearts could use a shoulder to lean on. Looks like we both got more than we bargained for.”

I found myself biting my lip again. Without even knowing it, he just won my heart. I grabbed his face and passion took over. To hell with the fact we’ve only known each other for a mere few hours on a windy night in October. He and I connected more in that short time frame than most do in a couple of years.

Through desperate kisses, he whispered, “Let’s take this up to my loft.”



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