When Did Dreams Become Memories?


I can’t help but feel frustrated sometimes about where I’m at, right at this moment in time. I remember when I couldn’t wait to grow up and do my own thing and be the independent person I’ve always wanted to be. I remember dreaming of travelling to far places and getting lost in the history and culture. I remember dreaming of becoming a successful writer and meeting amazing human beings.


But when did all that change?


When did all those dreams become memories? When did I stop planning, and start wistfully wishing those days still existed?


I want to  be excited about life again.

I want to complete this book I’ve been working on for ages.

I want to travel to distant and magical places that I haven’t explored before.

I want to live a life I can be proud to look back on in fifty years.


There’s too much going on in our lives to realize that it’s going by at lights speed. We always complain that the week drags on and we can’t wait for the weekend, but do you ever realize that life is quickly moving forward? Do you realize that seconds turn into moments, that turn into minutes, and then into hours, and days, and weeks, months, and eventually years? In a blink of an eye we’re going to be looking back and remembering what we’ve done with ourselves. If we’re lucky we’re going to be telling our grand-kids tales of grandeur and unbelievable moments.


Life is a magical and mysterious thing. If you think about it, and I mean really sit down and think about what life really is, you’d be blown away. How on earth did we as humans even cease to exist? How did we evolve from one form to another? How did we become so smart to become inventors? Scientists? Farmers? This isn’t really a question of faith or spirituality, but of curiosity.


How did we develop as individuals?

When in the human life cycle, did we begin thinking for ourselves and making our own decisions?

Humanity baffles and fascinates me.


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