Humans at Their Worst


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We may look like ordinary people, but in reality we have become something so much more. We’ve become traitors to our own world and our own species. We’ve become deceitful  to our family and friends; we’ve become trash mongers – caring more about material things than the environment; and we’ve been careless with all of our resources while the planet is slowly dying a horrible and long death. It’s safe to say we’re a completely different type of human being in just a short 100 years.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t any of these things. In truth, a lot of us are whether we’d like to admit it or not. We’re just as guilty as the next person is and it’s becoming a sour sight to see when we should be cherishing a planet that is so graciously allowing us to produce life and growth.

I’m writing this as an almost-30-year-old and I don’t know if it’s my age that’s waking me up or if it’s all the destruction and disruption in the world lately, but I think it’s about time people need a change. I may be nowhere near ready to have children but isn’t it selfish of us not to think of the future generations? I want to have kids. I want them to grow up breathing fresh air and being able to visit some of the wonderful things our earth has to offer. So far all those predictions of wildly futuristic things haven’t come true but from an honest viewer, I can tell you we’re not that far off from flying cars and robot servants to do our bidding.

The realization hit me this morning as I was outside watching the four dogs I was caring for playing in the beautiful backyard full of trees and nature. The beauty of it was that I sat there without focusing on a piece of electronic equipment – which seems to be attached to my hips as of late. I can’t seem to go a day without being on my iphone, my ipad and/or my laptop. Nature is out there to enjoy and I’ve become so focused the digital world that I’m beginning to miss out on all the natural beauty this planet has to offer.

While Earth Day was only a week ago, we as the human race need to start treating every day like it’s earth day. Even the littlest of things can help in the long run and maybe our future generations will be able to experience what we’ve experience and the generations upon generations before us. Be kind to Mother Earth like she’s been kind to you.



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