Do You Judge?

If you were to look at me,

could you guess my age?

Could you determine my health,

or my battles within?


If you were to assume,

could you picture me rich or poor?

Would you see me as successful

Or would you see me as a lazy ass whore?


Am I pretty?

Am I strong?

Or am I just somebody

who cannot and does not belong?


Can you define,

just by looking at this face,

if I’ve been around the block,

or if I’ve found my place?


Who are you to judge,

the appearance of this girl?

Your judgement should be reserved

for that of yourself.


Do you see you,

when you look in the mirror?

Do you judge yourself,

for every wrong turn?


Do you assume you’re poor,

due to your lack of tasteful clothes?

Do you pick on your appearance,

because others say so?


Take a long hard look,

before you perceive.

For the person next to you,

could be your niece; your nephew; or your child.


Or your reprieve.


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