The Defeat of the Greekan

ilWFZymHe walks with his hood up and head down against the oncoming rain. His bright yellow rain boots slosh through the puddles nonchalantly as he slowly makes his way to the schoolyard. He wasn’t looking forward to another day at Evergreen Elementary, especially if it were anything like yesterday. He frowned at the thought of going through another lonely day and eating lunch in the bathroom like he was a nobody. At his old school he had no troubles making friends and fitting in. In fact he was always surrounded by fun kids who always made him feel welcome, but not here. Here they made him feel like an outcast; like he had a peg leg and eye patch or something. Maybe he should get a peg leg and eye patch to prove them all right!

His slow walk turned into a crooked jaunt as his once perfectly healthy leg disappeared and in place a rickety wooden leg too it’s place. His ordinary little boy clothes magically transformed into the finest waistcoat and breeches made of the most luxurious velvet in the color of a deep indigo blue. The collar of his shirt frilled at the neck and pooled at the sleeves; one eye covered with an eye patch and the hood replaced with an extravagant hat. He was baffled, what was happening to him?

The puddles that were once shallow only moments before were now raging waves, angry at the world. The wet cardboard box discarded on the side of the road suddenly grew twenty times its size and transformed into a looming ship, threatening to break through anything that got in its way. The huge vessel was now his. He was the captain of the ship and it was job to guide it through the worst storm of the century while battling the notoriously angry Captain Bluebeard and his crew. He jumped into action, temporarily forgetting all his sorrows and delved into the world of pirates and battles at sea.

He took to the helm and steered wildly while his crew popped cannons left and right. Bluebeard’s ship was neck and neck with theirs and they needed to gain some ground before the legendary Greekan burst through the waters, swallowing the weaker ship in one bite. It was the most dangerous of all mythical sea creatures; it had seventeen layers of teeth and a mouth as wide as a lake. And with skin that could camouflage, it blended in easily with the ocean and its surroundings, making it extremely sly.

“Thar she blows, gentle-freaks,” he screamed above the increasing roars of his crewmates and the ocean itself. “Arrr…Forget Bluebeard, we need to battle the Greekan and get the heck outta here!”

“AY-YAY CAPTAIN!” they all shouted in unison. It took them exactly three minutes to shift sails and change their course of action. Once their new plan was in place, it was all hands on deck.

“Push forward, mates! Give the butthead a run for it’s money and shoot all the cannon power ya got to make sure it swings in the other direction! That’ll give Bluebeard something to talk about!”



POW! POP! BANG! One after the other, all the cannons began firing out cannon balls coated in a magical powder to give it more umph! With each hit the Greekan began to slink back towards the ocean and lessen its suction. But soon enough it noticed there was yet another ship in the water that was in fact not doing anything at all. He glanced their way and took notice that Blackbeard and his crew were all frozen in terror. Ha! He thought! But wait? What was this niggling thought at the back of his mind? What was it? Sympathy?

After a second to process he decided to change course again, moving to the other side of the Greekan, where Bluebeard and his crew sat like sitting ducks.

“Listen up gentle-freaks! We are enemies but we won’t allow the Greekan to take one more poor soul, so let us fight! Let us win!”


The battle to beat the Greekan began once again. POW! POP! BANG! More of the cannonballs entered the mouth of the deadly sea beast. This time wasn’t so easy though, as the ginormous creature was expecting a fight. Oh, wake UP, Bluebeard! He thought intensely. If only the blubbering fool was as brave as when he was fighting other mighty pirates! He looked around quickly, because he didn’t have much time before the Greekan swallowed them both whole. Spotting a loose rope swinging in the breeze, he jumped with all his might and swung across the sea and into the boat of his most hated enemy.

“Bluebeard, you cowering fool! Do you want to be remembered as being defeated by that monstrous sea creature,” he screamed at the top of his lungs. By now the noise of the Greekan mixed in with the impending storm, it was practically impossible to hear.

“Wh-what are YOU DOING ON MY SHIP!” Bluebeard roared. At last, he had come back to life?

“Did you -” Bluebeard had drawn his sword and was prepared to fight. Him.

“Listen here you old mermaid, NOBODY enters my domain without my PERMISSION!”

“In case you hadn’t noticed you dumbed down starfish, but the GREEKAN is about to chow down on both of our SHIPS if we don’t do something about it!”

“Never in a mil -” the wind picked up, speeding hundreds of miles per hour around both of us. The Greekan’s vacuum-like suction had increased and it would be only mere seconds before we were both seafood – or would that be human food? Bluebeard looked back at him frantically. He probably just realized what his enemy actually said was completely and utterly true. “OK FINE. LISTEN UP MATES! FIRE ALL THE CANNONBALLS WE GOT! LET’S KILL THIS SORRY SUCKER!!”

“That’s more like it!”

It took all but ten minutes to push the Greekan back into the shadowy depths of the sea, but it felt like ten hours. We used all of our cannonballs as a whole but the evil beast was back where it belonged. But in the end neither sides had any energy to fight and decided to call a truce.

“Let’s shake on this,” he said to Bluebeard. “We’ll agree to stay away from each other, at least for a little while, so we can rebuild.”

“Agreed. We’ll each have time to repair our vessels and our spirits.”

“After that? It’s fair game. Let’s just say we’re officially Frenemies.”

“So long…for now. Next time I’ll take you down,” Bluebeard said bellowing with the most obnoxious laugh. “See you soon, my Frenemie.”

“The End”

The classroom erupted in loud applause. Danny had been a 5th grade student at Evergreen Elementary for exactly one month and still hadn’t made any friends. So when the teacher asked each student to write a creative story so they could read it out loud to the class, he knew he had to do something great. He was tired of eating alone and not having anyone to share his ideas and stories with. It was bad enough being a military kid moving from town to town, it’s even worse when you leave the friends you made. His dad promised him this was the last stop though, and so far it’s been the hardest.

Jason walked up to Danny, patting him on the back. “Woah, nice story! Who knew you could write like that? How do you come up with those ideas?”

Danny shrugged. He was his own friend a lot of the time, so for fun he loved to make up new worlds and exciting stories to keep him entertained. It was nice to know they didn’t think he was absolutely crazy.

“This is Kevin, Louis and Conner,” Jason continued, pointing at the group that had gathered behind him. “Did you wanna come hang out with us at the basketball court after school? We usually grab a Frostie and shoot a few hoops on the good days!”

“Really? That’d be awesome! I’d love to come.”

“Great! We all meet up by the bike racks at two-thirty!”




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