Getting the Beep Outta Dodge

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Aubrey took the fall for who she thought was her best friend. Caught in the act, she did what any best friend would do and took the fall for something she had nothing to do with. But Brianna was the good girl; straight-A student, class valedictorian and captain of the cheer squad. One stupid move and all of her future would disappear and I only wanted the best for her. My pal, my playmate since we were in diapers. We stuck it out through sandbox wars, being placed in different classes and even the stupid middle school crush we had on the now lamer than ever Bradley Harper. If we could make it through all that, you’d think we’d be able to make it through this. Right?

Brianna and her group of airhead friends decided that filling the pool filtration system with dish soap and a bazillion beach balls was their idea of a great prank – yeah right. Heck, if it were me I would have done something a little more outrageous. You know, like take apart one of the teachers cars and rebuild it inside the gym. Or hell even get three pigs and label them as “1” “2” and “4” to make school staff think they’re missing a pig. But no, they had to fill the pool with bubbles. Jeesh, what are they twelve?

It turned out Aubrey had taken the fall for what happened to be one of the deadliest school pranks ever in the history of Ohio. In fact it was the only senior prank that resulted in someone dying ever in the history of forever. So my best  friend, straight-A, valedictorian, head cheerleader friend Brianna was essentially the reason why someone got killed. Turns out the girl who had been helping them out so eagerly was an over-zealous junior who just wanted to feel accepted. She basically did Brianna’s every beck and call which resulted in her falling into the pool – after everyone else had left. Due to a combination of the side of the pool being slippery due to the suds and this poor girl not knowing how to swim, she drowned. Nothing like finding a bloated student to ruin the mood of senior prank day, eh?

When the swim club met up at 6:30 as per usual, they were welcome with a floater and screams. The janitor had found the poor junior floating between the beach balls face down. Due to my badass appearance and habit of getting into trouble, I was of course the first person to get called into the principal’s office. I’m not  going to lie when I say I took my time. I figured if I was already in trouble, what’s a few more minutes? After stopping to go pee and taking a very long sip at the water fountain, I finally made my way into my second home. I stopped dead in my tracks though because along with my parents (who were frowning hardcore b-t-w), there were two very serious looking police officers. Oh shit.

“Miss Aubrey Sullivan, did you or did you not, orchestrate this year’s senior prank?”


“Give me a straight answer Miss Sullivan.”

After a brief pause, remembering Brianna and her dumbass plan blurted, “Uh, yeah, I guess I did.”

For a long moment both my parents, the principal, and the officers stood staring at me, shaking their heads in shame an disapproval. Like that was new.

The young, overly pink skinned officer was the first to speak up. She looked to be a rookie, not much older than I. As she gained the courage to speak up, her face went an even deeper shade of pink. “Miss Aubrey Sullivan, we’re going to have to ask you to come down to the police station to answer some questions.”

“Wait, what? This was in no way illegal! It was just some stupid senior prank!”

“I’m afraid it’s a little more serious then that, Aubrey,” said Prinipal Gomez, who finally stopped shaking his head and spoke up.

“Will somebody please tell me what’s going on?”

“Aubrey, do you know who McKenzie Charlston is?”

“No. Am I supposed to?”

“She was found floating face down in the pool early this morning. Unfortunately – well, she didn’t make it out alive.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Aubrey! Mind your language,” my mother scolded. Even in a crisis she still managed to control my manners.


After a long harrowing day answering questions about what happened, Aubrey put on some loud music and slunk out of the house like a criminal (obviously grounded until she was dead, she had to sneak her way out) to go update Brianna on the news. While she’s fairly sure the police had believed her when saying it was an accident, Aubrey needed some backup. She was getting in way too deep and it wasn’t even her prank. So she figured after talking through this with Brianna, she would realize that she had stuck her neck out too far and come clean with the school and the police.

After jumping the fence into the backyard, she stumbled up the familiar scaffolding, preparing herself to open the always unlocked window into the bedroom. It had been unlocked since they were kids, so when Aubrey found it sealed tight she was baffled. Taking a moment to peek in, she saw Bri on her bed reading her History textbook intensely. Knock knock. It took her a second to look up, and even longer for her to walk over and unlatch the window.

“Um, what do you want Aubrey? I’m kind of studying,” she whispered, looking back at her closed bedroom door.

“Dude you heard what happened right? I – ”

“Ya I did. My parents want me to stay away from you right now Brey. They think all this attention may scare away the prospective schools…”

“Are you fucking serious? I took the fall for you and you’re fucking pushing me away?”

“Listen, I’m sorry. It’s my future we’re talking about! It’s not like you have to worry about that.”

“Huh. So you’re the pretty All-American perfect teenager and I’m what? Scum?”

“That’s not – ”

“No. Don’t. I get it. Well…FUCK YOU.”


She shoved her foot her foot with all her might onto the gas pedal. Accelerating to an alarming speed in just a few seconds, she was well on her way from getting the fuck outta Dodge. She was sick of all the condemning stares, the whispers and the accusatory and undermining comments thrown her way. She was done being the bad guy when in reality she was the victim. She had done what any bfffl would do and now she’s being suspected of murder. Screw this shit. She had  gone back to her house, packed a few of her things and bolted. She didn’t exactly know where she would end up, but there was no way she was staying in Ohio.

Peace out.


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