I Am Human: International Women’s Day 2015

I curl my hair, paint my toes and purposely put on perfume to make myself smell sweet, sexy, seductive or innocent.

I shave my legs, I wear stupid pantyhose and I think too much about my appearance.

I am sweet, caring and love my family.

I like to read romance and write about it too.

I do things for people without expecting anything back and I do it because I want to.

I dance around and sing like nobody is watching to the Backstreet Boys.

I hope to some day fall in love and have a family I will be honoured to take care of.

I am strong, independent and rely on nobody but myself.

I can fix things when needed, I can change a tire and I know how to ask for directions.

I earn my own living, clean my own space and have my own friends.

I can vote.

I can and will be heard when necessary.

If I am afraid, I’ll stand up for myself.

If my friends or family are in need, I’ll be there supporting them.

I will not be bullied. I will be talked down to.

I have the power to choose my destiny and it’s nobody’s choice but mine.

So if you want to argue with me, I’ll argue louder.

If you want to love me, I’ll love harder.

If you want all of my attention, then give me all of yours.

We are equals. We are partners.

I am a hard worker, a nurturer, a creative soul, a giver of great hugs, an ear to lend, a shoulder to cry on, and full of love. I am a woman.

I am human.


To all my fellow humans out there, Happy International Women’s Day. Let our voices continue to be heard and let’s keep making leaps and bounds to ensure future generations get the same respect as their counterparts. We are all human, we are all people and we all deserve to be treated with the same respect. There’s no greater power in the world than unity and it needs to start today. Right now. Share this post with your brother, husband, daughter, mother, whoever you believe needs to see it.



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