How does one confess their admiration without looking or sounding like the lamest person in the world?

How does one truly show that this person of interest has been on their mind constantly, without seeming like a complete nut-case?

In what possible way do you show somebody you want to get to know them better, without sounding like a complete fool?

Here goes nothing.

I like you – like, a lot. I’ve got this silly girl  little crush on you that I can’t stop thinking about and it’s driving me crazy. Over the past year or so you’ve popped back into my life in the littlest of ways. Whether it be a quirky comment here, or a wink there, you’ve made your presence known again, and it’s made me wonder where I went wrong. Why didn’t I get over my stupid little fear and why didn’t we get it past the initial stage of meeting for the first time?

You were the first person who really knew all of my secrets. The first person who knew all of those secrets and didn’t run for the hills like I fear most people would. We have some great conversations, some silly ones and some serious ones but they all ended in peaceful ‘good nights’. I constantly ask myself, what if? What if we met? What if we took the leap and decided to fly? What would have happened then? Where would we be now? How would have that moment in time decided the rest of the story?

I’m forever berating myself for this missed moment and I can’t help but daydream on past occurrences just wondering to where it would have lead. Would a relationship have formed? Would it have ended in chaos? Would I be happier with who I am now? Everything is up in the air and I just can’t help but wonder. Wonder what could have been and wonder if there’s ever a chance to make it happen.

What I do know is I’d do anything for a kiss. To feel your lips against mine knowing that you want this as much as I do. I’d do anything to feel you close to me. Even if it’s just to cuddle. I wonder if you feel the same way I do and you to are wishing you could turn back time. Go back to the moments where you were being sweet but persistent and I was being shy and unforgiving. I wish we could turn back the clocks and start again. I wish I was able to put myself out there and give it a shot and that you hadn’t moved away.

“What if I Fall?

Oh, my darling, what if you fly?”


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