A Child’s Confession

When you’re born you’re mother is there out of necessity. Without her, you would not survive.  Her food, her love, her attention and her passion shape you and mould you into the person you are today. And as a child, it’s a way of life. Mom is there to protect you, nurture you and keep you clean. She’s there to tend to your tears, scold you when you’ve done something bad and teach you new things that help you learn and grown as a human being. But you didn’t seem to notice because she’s just your Mom. 

As you grow older and less dependent she becomes the worrier, the nagger and wonder woman. You’re not as reliant on her and it scares her to know you no longer need her undivided attention. She’s there to basically be your chauffeur, your cook, your cleaner and your bank machine. It’s amazing at how much time and money mom’s sacrifice in your lifetime and you don’t even realize it. Paying for those piano lessons you never really appreciate or those swimming lessons every Tuesday night that you absolutely dreaded. All were done in your best interest you keep you well-rounded in music and safe near water. But you didn’t see it that way.

The teenage years roll around and she’s the least person you want to be around. She’s now become your voice of reason (the one you don’t want to listen to – ever), your bank machine that’s dwindling on cash, and the person who now makes you do everything on your own. You want it? You earn it. Mom’s is now basically there because she’s required by law – or so you think. She’s still the Mom you know and love but your independence is at a full run now and you don’t think she knows  best. But she does. She’s only looking out for you and your future. She’s there to make sure you make decisions that will be a positive light. It may come off as nagging but it’s really just love. The love she has for her child that is so powerful that it comes off as being evil. Trust me, it’s true.

It’s not until you get well into your twenties when you realize how much your mother has actually done for you. Between the nagging, the constant attention and opinions you don’t want to hear, she’s just a woman who raised her child. She’s a person who has interests, loves and dislikes just like your own. She enjoys every moment she has with you and even if they start or end in an argument she’s always there to pick up the pieces. She’s the best friend you’ve had from the very beginning but never realized you had. When you were down and out over a breakup or a fight with your best friend, she was the shoulder you cried on. If you were short on cash for rent, or needed a ride home after a drunken night, she was there. Even if it meant that she had to do without, she was the one sacrificing her needs for yours. She hides her own fears and pushes them aside so she wouldn’t worry you or make you sad. She is the one you still talk to on a regular basis, even if you don’t live at home or close by. 

I guess the moral of this story is don’t take her (or anyone who raised you, really) for granted. It may take a lifetime to learn this lesson but it only takes a second to lose everything. As life goes on, you get older, but they get older too. Their once young features turn into wrinkles and worry lines. And those wrinkles and worry lines may come from life in general, but they mainly come from raising you. Keep that in mind the next time you forget to send that email or call her back. I still live at home (guilty as charged) but it’s crazy still at how much she does for me even though I am independent in most ways. She still worries, she still nags but most importantly, she still loves. When I come home distressed or pissed off, she’s there to listen, rant with me or talk sense into my stupidity. She’s there to laugh at my quirks and then join in. She’s there to give advice and help when I need it, but most importantly she’s there. 

Love is a strange thing but everybody has it in some form or another and there is no truer love than a love a mother has for her child. No matter where life takes you, she’ll be there to support, scold and love your every decision. I love my Mom, and I always have, but now? I appreciate her a hell of a lot more than I used to. You should too.

Go hug your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandparents or whoever raised you and thank them for doing such an amazing job and still managing to make it through the day. Hug them and appreciate them now because you never know when tomorrow will never come.


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