The First Encounter: My First Attempt at Writing a Make out Session.

I’ve decided to use the two characters I’ve chosen for my current endeavor in this excerpt because they’ve become rather familiar to me. Every moment I think about this story, the more I see them come to life. I’m not really experienced in the whole sexual aspect of writing so this is a very new first for me. Please feel free to voice your opinions!


He stared at me intently from across the room. I could feel his gaze practically burning a hole on the side of my head as I spoke to (and flirted with) the new guy from the I.T. Department. His blue eyes, which were usually full of mystery, were quite transparent. Jealousy is not a good look on him. And while the flirting was innocent, I knew in the back of my mind it would tick him off so I did it to please my wounded soul. He had stolen my heart when he first transferred to this office a few months ago. I can’t quite pinpoint what exactly got my attention but he stole my thoughts and found my affection.

I’m not exactly the type of girl to go for what I want. I don’t have the confidence or bravery to stand up to that deliciously hot man from the coffee shop and ask him for his number. In fact, I’m usually the stuttering, red-faced school girl who can’t look any attractive male in the eye. Most people say it’s sweet and endearing but I think it’s absolutely pathetic. What kind of girl expects to be in a relationship if she can’t even initiate conversation. I can dream about being bold and brilliant but when it comes to acting upon those thoughts I cower like a child.

Jack seemed to be my one and only exception. From the very first day he arrived in our department, I had butterflies in my stomach and my heart was beating like a drum – I’m surprised nobody else could hear the thumping in my chest. Whenever he came around my breath always quickened, my eyes dilated and my palms became obnoxiously sweaty. From the get-go most of my colleagues saw him  as an intense, and rather rude individual but I saw through the tough exterior. I don’t know if my abrupt introduction threw him off or if there was an instant spark, but we were friendly, in a sarcastic kind of way, from the very start. Our sparse interactions became more and more frequent and more physical each time. What used to be casual hellos turned into hugs and pecks on the cheek, and it seemed like he always had an excuse to  touch – even if it were to poke my sides to make me squeal.  He was becoming invasive in the most welcoming way.

I’ve had crushes and boyfriends in the past but never were they this intense. He occupied my every thought, causing me to consciously make changes in my everyday life in order to get him to take notice. Minimal makeup and straggly hairdos where a thing of the past; I started to take care of my appearance and people began to take notice – including Jack. Endearing words like “beautiful” and “hun” became regular in our vocabulary and each meeting met with silent stares full of something more. Even though words  weren’t necessarily spoken, the sexual tension  between us was always the elephant in the room.

My imagination took me places it had never gone with the guys in my past. I’d find myself dreaming about what he could do to me in the most peculiar moments. I’d imagine him and I stealing kisses in closets at work,  and secret dates away from prying eyes and gossiping broads. But the one that got my blood boiling were the intense bedroom sessions that would leave us both gasping for air. My mind was taking on a whole new level and I liked it.

So I took advice from a popular movie and gave it “15 seconds of insane courage”, and told Jack how I felt. I basically confessed my every desire to him  but instead of getting a mutual response, he told me that it would and never would happen. Riddled with excuses – I was too young, he wasn’t ready for a relationship, I’m too naive – he pushed me away without remorse.  I drew back like a disciplined puppy, with failure in my eyes and sorrow in my heart. He really had been somebody I could see myself with and it hurt that he didn’t feel the same. My fragile ego took a huge hit.

Which brings us to the present. The new guy in I.T. was handsome, sweet and had a really great butt. I enjoyed my time flirting with him, hoping that it would take my mind off of who I wanted most. He had a twinkle in his eye that was genuine and devious and I wanted to to explore everything that excited him. His passion for all things technology wasn’t as boring as I would have anticipated and he was always animated when describing anything he spoke about. His excitement was contagious and I wanted more. Even though I had become engrossed our conversation, we were brutally interrupted by the very man I was trying to forget.

“Excuse me, but I can I talk to you about a very important work issue?” He asked me, completely ignoring the fact I was already mid-conversation with Mr. I.T. guy.

“I’m kind of in the middle of something, can’t it wait?” I asked crossly. Here I was trying to get space between the two of us and here he was doing just the opposite. But damn, did he ever smell good.

“It’ll only be a few minutes, I promise,” Jack responds intensely. He walked away towards the office he shared with another associate.  Conveniently said associate was on vacation, so we’d be alone. Great.

I stood there for a second wondering if I should listen to him or just go back to my conversation.

Curiosity won me over though as I politely excused myself and sauntered over to the office. As soon as I entered the door closed behind me and I found myself pushed back against the wall, his body mere inches away from mine. His left arm went around my waist bringing me closer to him while his right hand went to the side of my face as he caressed it gently, taking in my features. At this close range, I noticed the eyes that were looking at me weren’t simply blue; in the midst of that intense colour, they were flecked with specks of bronze and gold. The silence was broken when his lips parted suddenly met mine. His kiss deepened and became more intense by the second causing me to lose my breath. Using his tongue to part my lips, he slipped inside my open mouth. I had been kissed before, certainly, on several different occasions, and with varying levels of skill. This, however, was extremely sexy.

“What the hell?” I managed to mumble when broke free of my lips and moved his way down my neck.

“Shh,” he whispered while looking into my eyes. They were full of desire and intent. I could see in his eyes what he wanted to do to me; all his previous inhibitions and excuses went out the window. I could feel myself getting turned on and I halted all of my previous protests. It was what I wanted, wasn’t it? I was the one to make the next move as I reached up and ran my fingers through his messy mane that still managed to be perfectly coiffed. Pressing myself against him, I softly bit his lower lip, causing him to groan outwardly. The feel of his body against mine was enticing and I was becoming more and more aroused by the moment and apparently so was he.

Jack move both his hands down the side of my body gripping my hips for a second before moving towards the hem of my skirt, hiking it upwards. I could feel his excitement against my legs as I hitched myself forward and up. This was going way too far. We were at work for Chrissake! I needed to stop this before we get caught. Nothing like explaining a steamy make-out session to your overly uptight and rule-abiding boss from hell.

“Jack – ” I started before he shut me up again with another kiss. It took all of my might to push him away, “Stop! What if we get caught? Our jobs are on the line.”

“So? Dani, despite my head telling me this is wrong – so VERY wrong – my heart is winning this war. I want you. Every single part of you, including the ones that piss me off.”

I stared at him in disbelief. Was this the same person who pushed me away not even a week ago? The one who told me I was too naive? My mind was blown. What could have made him change his mind in such a short period of time? Not that I was complaining, but I was completely caught off guard.


“You’re mine, and nobody else’s now. If I see you talk to somebody else – ”

It was my turn to shut him up with a kiss.


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  1. Wow that was a really good taryn. I’ve paid for stories that were published and been disappointed. yours was better than Some of them. A few typos , but the presentation and bones of the short story were well done 🙂 keep em coming.

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