So I’ve Decided…

For as long as I remember, writing and reading have been a passion. I can’t tell you how many books I lost myself in over the years and stories I’d fell in love with over many summers while growing up. Instead of playing games like Man Hunt and Hide and Seek, I was inside with my nose stuck in a book. The library was my friend that never abandoned me, and even to this day, books are my refuge. When I feel lonely, sad or both, books are where I turn to for comfort. There’s something about escaping your reality and jumping into another that renews hope and brings back a little joy.

I’ve always had a vivid imagination. Even to this day I find myself daydreaming stories about how my life could potentially turn out. Most are outrageous and completely unreachable dreams but they somehow always put me in a calmer mood. After a hectic day or one full of anger and sorrow, I oftentimes find myself surrounded by music in my ears and my brain going into the land of imagination. I create ideal situations and play out scenarios that would probably not happen anywhere else besides my head. My love of stories played out in school where I excelled in English and Creative Writing. I wrote 3/4 of my first “novel” in grade twelve; to this day I regret not finishing it, even if it weren’t that great to begin with.

Over the years I’ve toyed with writing my own novel again and while I’ve written bits and pieces of ideas down, I’d never kept anything concrete. My critical mind has been my worst enemy and even though I hear from countless people to “just write!” it’s harder than it looks. Judging myself is probably my worst quality and it’s something I need to change. All my life I’ve wanted to write and while choosing a path in journalism hasn’t gotten me a dream career (yet), I still find myself yearning to create a story all of my own.

So I decided to do so. Creative writing books have been bought, a story has been started, and a spark has started to slowly shift into a flame. I want to share with  you all my creative endeavours and I ultimately want your feedback. I want your honest to God opinions as to what you think about my writing. Yes, I may take your criticisms to heart and feel a little down but No, I won’t give up.

No writer ever gives up the hope they’ll become known in the world of many. Everybody thinks they’re an author but nobody is an author by chance. It takes hard work, dedication and a belief that you CAN do it. I need to believe I CAN do it.

So here it is. The first post of what will hopefully turn into something more.

Let’s have it.

(P.S. if you’d like to see a more technical side to my writing please venture over to my other site at – I promise you won’t be disappointed…I hope).


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